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Antique Knives Made by Case

If you're looking for great cutlery, Case antique knives are excellent additions to your collection. Case has been around since the 1889, making their knives top quality. Tens of thousands of Case knives went to World War I with the United States troops, and by the 1920's, the demand for Case knives had gone through the roof.

Composed mostly of pocket knives, Case has made a great name for itself. If you desire an antique knife made by WR Case & Sons Cutlery, start your search online. The vast inventory of knives is available at your fingertips. You just need to know where to go. Simply start your hunt on a search engine and your quest for a great antique pocketknife will be on its way.

WR Case: Types of Antique Knives

There are many types of Case antique knives, mostly consisting of various styles of pocketknives. Every single Case knife seems to have a beautiful handle engraved to perfection. The blades also have engravings often and the blades are made from top quality steel that will never leave you disappointed.

Finding the perfect Case knife for you can sometimes be difficult. It isn't difficult due to the lack of selection, but due to the vastness of the styles. The knives are categorized into many different families, and each family has a dozen or so knives in them. Your search for an antique knife by Case may take a while just due to the number of knives that you have to choose from.

If you want to find that perfect knife, start searching online. The only problem with buying online is that you don't actually get to see and hold the knife in person before you buy it. Make sure that you get a good picture of the knife to check its condition and genuinity. Also make sure that the dealer is reputable and has references.

Good luck finding a great quality antique knife by WR Case & Sons Cutlery.

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