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Knives: Considerations for the Collector

People interested in collector knives have many different things to consider. First and foremost is how much you are willing to spend. Because collector knives are often special, limited items, many are not cheap; however, it is possible to find knives within your cost range if you are willing to look. A second thing to think about is the kind of knives in which you are interested. Some collectors stick to only one type of knife—such as pocketknives—while others maintain a more diverse collection. Once you decide on these two key issues, you are ready to start building your knife collection.

Collector Knives: Helpful Resources

Acquiring collector knives can be a fun and lucrative hobby. There are many dealers and knife shows across the country that give collectors opportunities to see what is available and find long-sought after items, and there is a wealth of information to study to become an expert in the field of knife collecting. It is important to know what makes a knife valuable, how to maintain the value of collector knives, and what the accurate prices for particular knives are. Although prices can sometimes be inflated due to intense demand for the item, in other cases dealers simply may try to take advantage of the lack of knowledge of an inexperienced collector.

One excellent resource for knife collectors everywhere is the _Official Price Guide to Collector Knives_ by C. Houston Price. This book is currently in its fourteenth edition, so it has been read and trusted by knife collectors for years. It contains sections about nearly all kinds of collectible knives and because it has recently been edited and updated, the prices can be trusted to be current and accurate. Whether you are new to knife collecting or a long-time aficionado, this book can help you learn what you need to know to find the knives you want and pay a fair price.

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