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The Knives of Ancestors, Now Antique

Many people do not realize it, but the knives that their fathers or grandfathers carried all their lives that are now worn and years old may be very valuable as antique knives. Collecting antique knives is really developing into a popular hobby because people are beginning to realize that it is fun, easy, and lucrative. The knives are generally small items that take up relatively little space, so it is easy to amass quite a large collection without needing to dedicate an entire room to housing them. Antique knives are also easy to pass on from generation to generation, leaving a lasting legacy with family members.

Antique Knives and Their Value

There are many different types of antique knives from different time periods. Some antique knives are really old, like hand-made hunting knives from the 1800s, while others are less old, like a pocketknife from the early 1900s. The value of an antique knife is related to its age, the kind of knife it is, how it was made, and its condition. A good resource to use to help you determine the value of a particular knife is the _American Premium Guide to Knives and Razors: Identification and Value Guide_.

Once you decide to start collecting antique knives, you have an endless number of choices. There are antique knives that were made all over the world and the variety of the kinds of knives will probably astound you. Some collectors may choose to focus on only one specific kind of knife, while others will collect any antique knife that appeals to them. Even if you are on a budget and do not have limitless excess funds, it is still possible to enjoy antique knife collecting. Search around and be vigilant, being sure to check dealers around the country and websites. Ebay is also a great place to find some good deals on antique knives. Some sellers may not know the value of what they selling so if you have a little knowledge and a good eye, you can find some amazing bargains.

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