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Knives: Essential Diving Equipment

Diving knives are a very important part of every diver’s equipment. They are intended to be practical tools, not weapons, so they have very specific functions and need to be made accordingly. However, there are many different kinds of diving knives that include variations in size and construction, and the knife each diver chooses is ultimately related to his or her own preferences and intended uses of the knife. Before you buy a diving knife, you need first to decide what kind of diving you will be doing and the amount of money you are willing to spend on the knife because these two decisions will help you narrow the large selection to a manageable number of knives that are most likely to best meet your needs.

Diving Knives and Their Differences

When thinking about diving knives, the most important aspects of its construction to consider are what it is made of, the blade size and tip, the blade edge, and how you plan to carry or mount it. Diving knives are generally made of either stainless steel or titanium. Higher alloy stainless steel knives resist corrosion less but maintain an edge longer. Titanium knives are more expensive knives but higher quality because they will not rust, retain an edge longer, and are not as heavy.

As far as the blade is concerned, most divers will benefit the most from a medium sized knife (4-inch blade with 4-5 inch handle) and blunt tip. Blunt tips are generally safer than pointed tips because they prevent accidental punctures or injuries. The blade edge can be made three different ways: with a serrated edge for sawing, a sharp edge for cutting, or both. It is recommended to choose a knife that has both kinds of edges because this will give you greater functionality in your knife and help you in a wider range of circumstances. The best serrated edges are wavy or rounded serrations as opposed to large sawing teeth, and the best plain edges will have a slight curve instead of a straight edge.

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