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Collecting and Investing in Knives

If you are interested in collecting knives, the first thing that you should know is that it can be a great investment and a very lucrative hobby. There are endless kinds of collectible and antique knives available, so it is easy to define your own personal knife collecting style and still build quite an impressive collection. Because of the variety of knives—including differences in maker, age, condition, etc.—it is also possible to find a number of collectible knives that interest you regardless of your price constraints. And for those people who are really on a budget, it is a great idea to buy knives that are cheap and common now but will possibly be valuable antiques in the years to come.

Collecting Knives: The First Steps

If you are new to collecting knives, a good idea would be to make contact with someone else who is more experienced in the hobby. Experienced collectors will be able to give you insider advice and suggestions on how to find the best knives without getting conned. One important publication that can help you know what kind of knives to look for and how much they are worth is the _American Premium Guide to Knives and Razors: Identification and Value Guide_. This resource is respected by collectors everywhere and can provide you with helpful, indispensable information.

The Internet can also be a great resource of information because there are numerous websites that offer help with knife collecting, and you may even be able to find chat rooms that deal with knife collecting. These connections can teach you important things and possibly even help you make deals with other collectors, sellers, or buyers. There are many knife shows around the country that feature large collections of available or antique knives and these are great places to find that specific knife you have been looking for but cannot seem to find.

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